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1971 is the year that Prozac was invented. It wasn't until 1987 that it first became available for public use.

Eli Lilly did not develop the drug for depression, rather it was developed as a drug for the treatment of high blood pressure. This never happened because they couldn't duplicate the results viewed in animals when human trials of the drug were done. Plan B for Lilly was to use Prozac as an anti-obesity agent which also proved to be a failed option. They next decided to market it as a drug to treat those hospitalized with depression; yet another failure. Finally they tried it on a few people that were mildly depressed and it appeared to help them. By 1999 Prozac provided 25% of Eli Lilly's revenue; a whopping 10 billion dollars per year. 

I am not anti-medication. I take multiple medications and they have helped me and continue to help me. Prozac happens to be one of them. What I am is disgusted.  Disgusted at the lack of attention and money focused on treating menta…