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Long Overdue

I'm not a doctor or a psychologist, however my life experiences have helped me become quite an expert on treatment options for OCD. I would guess that some proven treatment methods will work better for some than others. 

I've been regularly seeing a therapist, albeit several different therapists over the years, since I was diagnosed with OCD 22 years ago. The treatment of OCD has come a long way since then but there's still tremendous room for improvement and the integration of mindfulness.  

Let's get a better picture of what I'm talking about when I say treatment methods. Here's a list of what I've used over the last 20 years with various therapists: ERP (exposure response prevention), CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), talk therapy (this is not a viable method of treating OCD so stay as far away from it as you can because it will only make your OCD worse), ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy), medication, and last but certainly not least, mindfulness.