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Must Have Book!

There are a lot of books on OCD; often times it feels like too many. Over the years I've read many self-help books. A few are pretty good, many are okay, and some suck. 
I think the authors mean well, however they don't have OCD and aren't able to authentically step into our shoes. They know OCD at an intellectual level but not an experiential level. Many books also do not integrate mindfulness into the treatment of OCD. 

There is one author that really gets it. His name is Jon Hershfield and everything that he's written is brilliant. He's an OCD therapist that's ahead of his time and has OCD himself.

He's now co-written three books. The most recent book to come out is: 'Everyday Mindfulness for OCD'. It's available on Amazon and it is the best book that I've yet come across on how to incorporate Mindfulness into your treatment plan for OCD.

If you want to learn how to incorporate mindfulness into how you treat your OCD then this is the best res…