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ROCD (Relationship OCD)

Relationship OCD is the term given to obsessions that focus on: fear of getting in a romantic relationship, fear that you are in the wrong relationship, fear that you don't love the person that you are with, fear that having romantic feelings for someone other than your significant other means that there's something wrong with the relationship you are in. By no means is this a complete list of fears but I hope you get the idea.

Relationship OCD is something that really bothered me at one time. It still bubbles up from time to time but not with the intensity or frequency that it used to. I remember experiencing a lot of sadness and pain with this obsession. When it first started bothering me, my fiance meant everything to me and I felt so alone and helpless because I had been able to talk to her about what was bothering me. This was so different than other OCD obsessions because I could at least talk to her about them or let her know what was bothering me. With ROCD I felt that …

Be kind to yourself

We are so very hard on ourselves as it is. Add ocd to the mix and the grief and guilt that you put on yourself increases exponentially. All for what? Because your mind had a thought or multiple thoughts that cause anxiety, guilt or sadness. Are you your thoughts? If you think this to be true then you are discounting the fact that we as humans, all humans ocd or not, have many 'crazy' thoughts all the time. The book "Imp of the Mind" does a wonderful job of explaining why our brain and mind act as they do and produce the thoughts that scare us so much that we fear merely mentioning them to someone would be catastrophic.