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Resilience, Mindfulness and OCD

OCD can be one of the most stubborn and unwelcomed guests you'll ever run across. It's ability to take up so much energy in one's brain and to sabotage our awareness and perspective is what can make OCD so seemingly powerful. We can't change it's basic qualities but we can change how we respond.

The emotions that OCD evokes are almost always unpleasant and these are the emotions that we are hard wired to pay the most attention to. The stickiness and intensity of the unpleasant emotions can very easily spiral and make us feel depressed, anxious, and without hope. 
This all sounds very unfortunate and sad if we take it at face value but there are things working on our behalf that we forget about and things that we have the ability to build and strengthen. Resilience is a very powerful friend to us and can can cast away the doom and gloom picture we paint in moments rather than day or weeks.

One thing that has been scientifically proven again and again about Mindfull…