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Automobiles and Meditation

Is mindfulness mediation or is meditation mindfulness? 
Mindfulness is a type of meditation. When I was first trying to wrap my head around what is commonly mixed up I used the analogy of an automobile and body types. You can purchase a sedan, a coupe, a crossover, a truck, a van; all automobiles just a different structural layout. Although thankfully you don't have to purchase mediation, you can practice different types such as mindfulness, transcendental or Zazen (sitting). 
Mindfulness meditation has received so much attention in the West because of the scientific study it has received. Scientific study has proven that mindfulness is very beneficial to one's mental and physical health and that it does change the brain in ways that benefit us; yes neuroplasticity is real. 
So if you are practicing mindfulness you are meditating. Whether you choose to explain the nuances of your practice to someone that asks what you're doing is up to you.