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Shame on Target!

Target is selling a sweater that has OCD plastered on the front of it. Below the letters it says 'Obsessive Christmas Disorder'. Really Target? You are that insensitive to sell something that completely trivializes and minimizes what OCD is and the devastating effects it has on the people that have it.

Below is the email that I sent to them and the link to their website to contact them if you feel you'd like to do so.
My wife and I spend a lot of money shopping at Target, both in store in online. We use you pharmacy, buy your groceries, buy all the other things that you have to offer. We enjoy shopping at your stores. 
It's extremely irresponsible and inappropriate that you are selling a sweater that trivializes OCD. People will say, 'it's just a sweater'. Well it's not. It's a decision, intended or not, by Target to make fun of and minimize a mental illness that causes severe pain and sufferning for millions o…


Just as our mood influences our perception of everything so does our perspective influence our ability to see things as they really are.

On a day that I feel that I have a bit of perspective I'm much less likely to fall into the highs and lows of any given emotion. Even the good stuff that we like and try to hold onto.